What can your business do to fight the climate crisis?

As world leaders gather at COP 26 to discuss how climate change will be tackled we wanted to introduce you to two innovative pieces of technology that can help every business in the UK fight the climate crisis by guaranteeing to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions

Coolnomix technology is guaranteed to reduce kWh consumption and CO2 emissions by anywhere between 20% and 40% per annum when installed across any air conditioning or refrigeration systems. Cooling systems count for over 20% of a buildings carbon emissions… installing Coolnomix will reduce those CO2 emissions by up to a third. Coolnomix is a globally patented solution that improves AC & refrigeration efficiencies by reducing kWh consumption and harmful CO2 emissions for your business and the planet.

VO (Voltage Optimisation) technology guarantees to reduce your incoming voltage from a UK average of 243 volts to a perfectly operational 220 volts reducing your energy consumption by anywhere from 8% – 12% per annum saving hundreds of harmful tonnes of CO2 in the process. Investing in VO also makes enormous financial sense as it is installed on a guaranteed savings basis. Many of our clients elect to finance the technology to enjoy financial savings from day 1. No matter the size of your business we have a VO solution that will work for you and the planet!

VO & Coolnomix are just 2 examples of how every business in the UK can improve their carbon footprint by investing in technology to tackle climate change.

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